Hurt By A Drunk Driver In Atlanta?

The Angell Law Firm Represents Victims Of Drunk Drivers In Atlanta, Georgia.

Due to Georgia law enforcement and increasingly severe penalties for drunk driving, the number of alcohol related accidents have declined in Georgia. Despite the penalties for driving while intoxicated, there are still drivers who choose to ignore the law and cause serious accidents where innocent victims become seriously injured or lose their lives. Fortunately, Georgia law helps victims get compensated if they utilize an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney.

Often in criminal court drunk drivers that have caused serious accidents get off lightly since DUI lawyers can use loopholes. In many cases Judges will consider other factors such as previous driving records, monetary fines, and the character of the offender which could result in the charges being dropped or a very light sentence.

Its not fair when the offender gets away lightly while the victims or their families have to suffer.  Often victims feel they are not getting the justice they deserve. This can be avoided if injured victims choose to hire an attorney that has experience representing victims of drunk drivers.  If you are a victim then you need support and an injury attorney that will fight for your legal rights.  This means you should get the maximum help the law allows.

In a Georgia lawsuit  there are many different claims that should be considered before a settlement is reached.  Medical expenses, loss of income, loss and destruction of property, mental suffering and anguish, physical pain and suffering, and permanent disabilities.  This includes the loss of an enjoyable lifestyle.

A experienced injury attorney in Georgia will ensure you get the legal help you deserve by making the negligent driver responsible for their actions. Not only will this make sure you get what you deserve from the accident but it will hopefully keep these unsafe drivers off the road.

If you have been seriously injured due to a drunk driver, the Angell Law Firm is dedicated to representing you to the fullest extent of the law.  Please know that it is important that you call an experienced attorney right away since there are time limits for personal injury claims in Georgia.