GA Car Accident Neck Injury – Let Our Atlanta Lawyers Help You

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers – Helping People with Neck Injuries

Thousands of accidents happen every day in the United States, injuring or killing hundreds of people. Whether it is poor weather, distracted driving or just plain bad driving, a car accident threatens the life of you and any passengers you may have. Neck injuries from car accidents occur every single day and threaten the life and well being of those who are injured.

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Below you will find information about common neck injuries and what to do if you find yourself suffering a neck injury from an Atlanta car accident. If you file a personal injury lawsuit and win because the accident was someone else’s fault, you will probably receive monetary damages for your injuries. Here are common neck injuries you need to evaluate to see if you have any of the following:

Neck Injuries

  • Neck Sprain – A neck sprain occurs when the ligaments in the neck are torn or stretched. This injury is extremely painful and the neck is also very stiff for a long period of time.
  • Pinched Nerve – One of the most painful injuries is a pinched nerve. If you experience a pinched nerve, you will most likely feel an extreme amount of pain in the neck all the way through your arm. You will also probably feel very weak.
  • Herniated Disc – A herniated disc occurs when a body of soft tissue surrounding the vertebrae is torn and forced out into the spinal cord. Pressure is exerted on the nerves and muscles surrounding the area and often is associated with a high degree of pain.

Similar to back injuries from car accidents, you may receive monetary compensation for your lost income, rehabilitation costs, medical care costs, and pain and suffering. If you have a neck injury from a car accident, contact a Georgia car accident Attorney and protect your legal rights.