Child Premises Liability and Attractive Nuisance Law

If your child is on another person’s property with permission, then they are by Georgia law called an “invitee.” This means that the owner of the property the child is on has a duty to ensure safety from any foreseeable harm. In turn, this means that if a property owner can foresee a dangerous situation, then reasonable preventative steps need to be taken to ensure that the children are safe. Dangerous situations include swimming pools, chemicals, access to high traffic areas, access to medicine, and high crime areas. Remember, even if a child was trespassing, you as an owner can be held liable under the “attractive nuisance” law.

You may have a premises liability case or attractive nuisance law case if your child was injured or killed on someone else’s property. Contact one of our premises liability attorneys for a free consultation to see if you are eligible for compensation.

Property owners are required to protect children from hidden dangers because children cannot foresee or avoid dangers. Therefore, proper safeguards need to be taken to ensure their safety and protect them from all dangers. This includes locking cabinets, plugging outlets, putting sharp objects out of reach, locking doors and gates, and having someone at the house while children play.

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