Damages in Dog Bite Cases

If a claim is made, the victim can normally attempt to recover damages for a wide variety of things. Some damages include, pain and suffering, scarring, temporary or permanent disability, lost wages, medical expenses, cosmetic surgery expenses, counseling services, property damage, among other things. You do want to talk to an attorney before filing a claim because some states only allow for damages to be awarded for medical expenses. Other states award larger sums if the dog that bit the victim has previously bit someone else. This confusion is why you want to make sure your attorney is present.

Sometimes, punitive damages are awarded to a dog bite victim. Punitive damages consist of monetary compensation awarded to someone that is above and beyond what is actually required to give to the victim. This is normally done to make an example of the defendant and punish the defendant for negligence. Normally, punitive damages are not given to a plaintiff unless the dog’s owner knew the dog was dangerous or vicious but took no steps to prevent a potential bite.

Dog owners are not the only people who can be held liable for a dog bite. Governmental agencies such as the FBI or local police can be held responsible under certain circumstances. They include:

  • Children being bitten at school or at day care after caretakers do not carefully watch dogs and children as they mingle.
  • In a store where a customer has a allergic reaction or trips on a dog’s leash.
  • When a police dog mauls a suspect. Police dogs can bite a suspect to hold him or her but cannot maul or bite individuals who are not suspects.
  • Employers who allow dogs in the workplace can be responsible for injuries cause by dog bites at work.
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