Atlanta Laser Hair Removal Burn Lawyer

Sometimes hair grows in spots that we do not want it to grow. A popular treatment to remove this hair is called laser hair removal. This procedure can be effective at removing hair but has caused a lot of people to suffer third degree burns. Our experienced attorneys will go after the medical facilities that have patients that have suffered these burns as a result of these treatments.

Laser hair removal is often a very risky procedure. The laser hair treatment uses high concentrations of light to remove hair but at the same time often burns skin, causes discoloration or even permanent scarring.

There are a large number of reasons that complications can occur from the laser hair removal treatment. Common causes of complications include the improper use the lasers, scarring caused from chemical peels, and improper training of the staff member. If that is not bad enough, skin cancer is being found to become more prominent in people using laser hair removal if the patient is burned.

People with tattoos are even more likely to be burned from laser hair removal. The main principle involved with laser hair removal treatment is color difference. Basically, the difference in color between the skin and hair causes the laser to heat up and destroy the hair follicle. If a laser is applied to the skin near a tattoo, the ink will attract the laser causing it to heat up and burn the tattoo. If the tattoo is being burned, that means the skin is also being burned.

If a laser burn injured you during laser hair removal treatment, do not talk to the doctor or insurance company before speaking to an attorney. Our personal injury attorneys will protect you and ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Do not let the insurance company intimidate you, contact one of our experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys and receive the best possible award for your injuries.