Why Hire An Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney?

Today I received a phone call from a couple who was injured in an auto accident. They were extremely frustrated with the process of dealing with the insurance company. The husband requires an expensive surgery and his wife sustained serious injuries as well. Because they are unrepresented and dealing with the insurance company themselves, they are finding it extremely difficult to get the insurance company to agree to an amount anywhere near what is needed to cover their medical costs.

“Can a Personal Injury Attorney Get Me More Money For My Accident?”

Generally speaking, accident victims who are represented by a personal injury attorney are more likely to receive a fair settlement. In fact, in 1999 the insurance industry commissioned a study by the Insurance Research Council that found that injured persons averaged 3.5 times larger settlements than those that chose not to hire an attorney!

Don’t go it alone! If you have been injured, keep in mind that the insurance company does not have your best interests in mind. In fact, it is just the opposite. Insurance companies are interested in their bottom line and that means minimizing your settlement check. In contrast, an injury lawyer is concerned with making sure that you receive as much money as possible for your injuries.

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