A Caregiver’s Neglect

A caregiver provides a much-needed service to thousands of parents in America. To be a caregiver, proper training as well as certain personality traits is needed to ensure that the child stays happy and safe. It is the duty of the caregiver to provide the child with any care they need until they are safely returned to their parents.

Many times, a child is injured at daycare or school due to under-staffing. The amount of children a daycare needs to provide services for normally varies day by day. This can make it exceptionally difficult to schedule employees and figure out how many caregivers are needed.

Daycare workers also need special training and supervision by a more experienced caregiver. Toys and playground equipment need to regularly inspected to check for any potential hazards. They also need to be properly maintained to prevent any serious injury from happening.

When a child is injured, the daycare also needs to follow specific instructions regarding dosage and timing. The daycare needs to ensure the child is not allegoric to anything. Failure to do so can lead to even worse injuries or even fatal injuries.

If a daycare was negligent call on of our attorneys to see if you have a potential claim. Things that are negligent on behalf of a daycare include: failure to maintain toys/playground equipment, lack of staffing, carelessness in removal of objects, as well as many other things. Do not wait around, call us today and receive compensation for your child’s injuries. Do not let it happen to another child and make sure justice is served. Call a Georgia child injury lawyer today.