Atlanta Pedestrian Tips

As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure your child is safe. Many children walk to and from school and it is important you understand your local pedestrian laws in the event that your child is involved in a pedestrian accident. Here are some tips and guidelines you should know and instruct your child to follow:

Walk against traffic: While walking, you should always be walking on the left lane. In other words, you should be walking and facing oncoming traffic head on. Walking with traffic is actually illegal and is often a major cause of pedestrian accidents.
Hold your child’s hand: Children tend to have a lot of energy and can disappear from your view within a few seconds. While walking, hold your child’s hand and make sure they are safe as you cross intersections and streets.

Make sure your child is on the inner side of the street/sidewalk: Your child should always be furthest away from traffic while you are walking. Drivers are much more likely to see a grown adult and will be able to better take action to avoid an accident.
If your child was involved in a car accident or was injured as a result of pedestrian accident, contact on of our experienced personal injury attorneys. We will listen to your case and fight for your rights.