Dog Bites and Rabies

After a dog attack, many people panic and immediately try to get a rabies shot. In reality, very few domestic dogs have rabies, so you most likely do not need a rabies shot. If the dog looks healthy, then it probably does not have rabies.
Immediately after an attack, you should get the owner’s contact info and request they send you the dog’s vaccination records. Normally, state law will require the dog be quarantined for ten days. The dog will then be released if it does not show signs of sickness. If it does, it will be tested for rabies. If it has rabies, you will then be ordered to receive a series of rabies shots.
If you do not know the owner or if the animal is a stray, call your local animal control agency. They will attempt to find the animal and test it for rabies.
If you are required to take a series of rabies shots, you normally will receive one each time. You will initially receive one shot, and then receive another 5 shots over a month.
Contracting rabies from a dog bite is fairly uncommon and you should not panic after an attack. Stay calm; alert your doctor, and the animal’s vet. They should be able to help you and ensure you are safe. If you have been injured by a dog and would like to talk to a dog bite attorney, call us now.