Safe Driving Behavior

The most devastating accidents often occur at intersections. Most of the time t-bone accidents occur at intersections and are some of the most terrible accidents. Most t-bone accidents consist of high impact, side collisions that can cause whiplash, spinal injuries, or even death. While accidents are not always preventable, you can do a few things to reduce the risk of a side-impact car accident.

drivewithcare Do not drive while distracted by other things: New research shows that distracted drivers cause many accidents. Things like a cell phone, food, make up, or radios are often causes of accidents. If you must talk on the phone use a Bluetooth device or some other sort of hands-free device. Eat at home or at a restaurant, don’t risk your life and other people’s lives by driving distracted.

Don’t drive if you are tired: Another common reason for car accidents is because drivers are tired. After a long day at work, many people tend to zone out and lose focus on driving. This can be extremely dangerous as it can lead to a t-bone accident or rear-end collision. Remember, being tired affects you the same way alcohol does. Don’t risk your life, driving tired. Call someone to pick you up or better yet carpool with a group of co-workers so you can all keep each other awake.

Obey Traffic Laws: While this seems obvious, many accidents occur as a result of someone failing to a obey a traffic law. A common thing drivers fail to do is to use their turn signals. Drivers need to know your next driving maneuver so that they can properly react themselves. Be responsible, give yourself enough time to brake, use your turn signals, and keep a safe distance between you and a car in front of you.

These are three major things you can do to prevent an accident from occurring. Use your common sense when driving; it may be the difference between life and death.