Atlanta Bus Accident Injuries

Securing Compensation for Bus Related Injuries

While many passengers see bus transportation as a safe alternative to cars, the fact is that many bus accidents occur every year, and 15 out of every 19 accidents are due to avoidable error on the part of the bus driver. In other cases, bus accidents may be due to improper maintenance, the lack of seat belts, or mechanical failures to systems such as the brake system.Unfortunately, due to the common lack of seat belts or other restraints, bus accidents are actually more likely to produce traumatic injuries, especially to the head and brain, than accidents involving passenger vehicles. For this reason, bus accidents have a higher rate of passenger fatalities than other forms of vehicular accidents and can require the services of a skilled Atlanta bus injury attorney.

Types of Bus related Transportation and Bus Accidents

The most common types of bus related transportation include tour buses, charter buses, and for children, school buses. All of these methods have been involved in severe accidents that have resulted in both injury and death to their passengers. Other examples of buses that are prone to accidents are the smaller vans used for commuter lines and airport shuttles.In many cases, these buses are active during rush hour or other peak traffic periods, increasing the risk to their passengers. In most cases, the cause of a tour bus accident is the failure of the driver to adequately react to changing conditions. Additionally, when the accident occurs, many of the passengers are sleeping, standing or otherwise unprepared for the collision. Since bus passengers are not required to wear seatbelts, they can be thrown from their seats, striking walls or other passengers, drastically increasing the chance of serious injury. In other cases, luggage or other unsecured cargo will fly around the passenger compartment, causing severe injury or death.

 School buses and Vehicular Accidents

Unfortunately, school buses are especially prone to serious accidents. Because students are not required to be secured by either seatbelts or child seats, the potential for injury is very high should an accident occur. In addition, school bus drivers are often distracted and as a result, can become involved in serious accidents.
In addition to accidents occurring during the transport of students to the school, traffic accidents can occur during any of these other activities:• School field trips.
• High School sporting events.
• After School Activity Events.

In many cases, schools will hire charter bus companies rather than use their own buses, which may expose students to the risk of drivers who are not fully experienced with driving in the area. This fact, combined with long distance sporting or school event trips, has often resulted in tragic and avoidable school bus accidents.

Charter and Inter-City Transport Accidents

Many accidents occur while utilizing charter buses or inter-city bus transport lines. In fact, over 1,000 people are injured every year while utilizing these services. As with school buses, the lack of seat belts and unsecured cargo can result in severe injury to the passengers.Finally, as with school buses, in many cases the drivers of charter buses are either tired or distracted and unable to dedicate their full attention to ensuring that they are driving in a safe manner. This can be especially true when drivers are expected to drive for long periods with little in the way of rest breaks. Because of this, nighttime bus accidents are especially likely to result in severe injuries to passengers.

What to do After a Bus Accident

A bus related accident is always a traumatic event, but it is important to obtain effective and knowledgeable legal assistance immediately.  A victim of a bus related accident should never sign any documents or come to any agreement with the representatives of the bus company until he or she has had time to confer with a qualified Atlanta bus accident attorney.Effective legal representation will allow the victim to ensure that all of his or her rights are fully protected and the maximum possible compensation is arrived at. The Angell Law Firm’s skilled attorneys will be able to effectively evaluate the following factors:

• The at-fault party in the bus accident.
• The nature and severity of the client’s injuries.
• If the victim was killed in the accident, the nature and amount of damages that will be due to his or her next of kin.
• The best legal strategy to use to obtain the maximum possible compensation for the victim and his or her family.

By securing the assistance of a skilled Atlanta bus injury attorney the client can be put at ease, knowing that they are no longer alone in attempting to obtain the compensation deserved for their injuries, pain and suffering. In many cases, the bus company will be liable not simply for the medical expenses of the victims, but also for lost wages due to the injury, compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering, and in some cases, punitive damages.

Winning Without Entering the Courtroom

Furthermore, a skilled Atlanta bus accident lawyer at the Angell Law Firm may be able to obtain a settlement without ever having to subject the victim to entering the courtroom. In many cases, when confronted by a skilled and knowledgeable attorney, bus companies will be eager to come to an acceptable settlement. However, only a highly experienced Atlanta bus injury attorney will be able to effectively negotiate such a settlement while protecting the best interests of his or her client.

Resting Easy With the Angell Law Firm

By securing the services of one of our dedicated Atlanta bus accident attorneys, a victim of a bus accident, or the guardian of a child involved in a bus accident can rest easy. With extensive knowledge and experience in bus related personal injury cases, our lawyers can effectively represent the victim’s interests, while ensuring that the injured party is fully aware of their options at every step in the case.If you have been involved in a bus related accident, contact the Angell law firm at (770)217-4954 for an immediate consultation with an Atlanta bus accident lawyer. We offer a Free initial case evaluation to help you understand your rights.

Furthermore, our no fee promise ensures that if our law firm does not recover anything, you will not owe us anything. Remember that the bus company will certainly have their own lawyers, and for that reason, you need legal representation as well.