Atlanta Trampoline Accident Injury Attorney

When used improperly, a trampoline can be a very dangerous devise. The possibility of danger increases when there is no supervision while a trampoline is in use. The dangers of trampolines apply to personal use trampolines as well as commercial use at a recreation center.

When a person has been injured in a trampoline accident, the injured party generally has three causes of action to use to file a claim for compensation:

  • Defective Design. This claim is usually used when the product itself was defective and the injury was a direct result of that defect.
  • Premises Liability. This form of liability is when the owner of the trampoline, either private or business owned, does not provide sufficient protection to the users of the device.
  • Breach of Duty to Warn. Breach of duty is translated as the owner of the equipment fails to provide safety information to the people that are using the trampoline so that it may be used correctly.


Depending on the individual case, there may be different or additional causes of action available to the Plaintiff. If you or your child has been injured in a trampoline accident, on your personal property or that of a business, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  Consult a trampoline injury lawyer to have your case evaluated.  A defective trampoline attorney will review the events leading up to and including the injury to determine where the negligence occurred.  At that time, the trampoline accident attorney will aggressively represent your trampoline injury claim.

What You Should Know About Using A Trampoline At A Gym Or Recreation Facility

When a facility offers a trampoline as a form of entertainment, there are specific rules that must be followed, which include:

Use of the trampoline must be limited in a manner so that proper supervision may occur.  This may entail limiting the number of people using the trampoline at any one time, or limiting the time that a patron can use the device.

Person in charge of supervising the activities must be properly trained in monitoring or spotting and safety measures.

Spotters must be present at all times when trampoline is in use.  A spotter or monitor must be present on all four sides of the trampoline, and each must have appropriate safety training.

Children six years of age or younger are not allowed to use the equipment, regardless of any spotters or safety personnel present.

In addition, specific rules apply to trampoline equipment that include:

  • All exposed areas of the trampoline must be covered properly.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to inspect the equipment for tears and other defects.
  • Children that use the equipment must be placed in the middle of the trampoline when in use and should be discouraged from performing any tricks or stunts that are beyond their capabilities.


If any of these events have not occurred when you or your child have used a trampoline at a business, you may be entitled to a claim.  Please consult with a trampoline injury lawyer to review your case.

Common Trampoline Injuries

The most common forms of injuries that occur with trampolines include:

  • Fractured or broken bones.
  • Facial lacerations which may lead to permanent scaring or disfigurement.
  • Injuries to the spinal cord.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Head injuries, including but not limited to, concussion.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Eye injuries that result in loss of vision.
  • Broken nose
  • Broken or knocked out teeth.


When a person is injured in a trampoline accident, liability for the injury can fall under many categories, including but not limited to:

  • Negligence.
  • Warranty Breach – Either Express or Implied.
  • Strict Liability – Under Defective Product Liability.


Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers can all be held responsible for liability of a product in some cases. Your trampoline accident attorney will review the chain of responsibility to determine if additional parties need to be named in the suit. Defective product cases may include several different theories, including failure to warn before use, and negligent design. Your defective trampoline attorney will determine which cause of action best meets the requirements of your case.

How We Can Help

Medical bills can be costly and, at times, overwhelming.  If you or your child has been injured from using a trampoline, you may have the right to receive compensation to cover these and other expenses.Our firm gladly represents those who have been injured in a trampoline, or other type of accident.  Please feel free to contact us for a free case evaluation today.