Should I Accept My Insurance Company Settlement After A Car Accident?


You’re sitting a stop light, just a few seconds later you have the green light and just as you are crossing over Peachtree Road, the rear of your vehicle is struck. Your car is spun around at such a force that now it is facing the opposite direction from which you were traveling. You soon discover that the motorist that hit you miscalculated the time he had to “make the light.” As a result of his risky behavior you were hit and suffered injuries.

The police are called to the scene, the ambulance arrives, and insurance information is exchanged between both parties. Several hours later the doctor gives the approval for your discharge and you decide to handle insurance matters the next morning.

The following day, bright and early you receive a call from the other motorists’ insurance adjuster. You are bombarded with questions immediately. She wants to know every detail of the accident, the name of your insurer, the model and make of your car, and most importantly she inquires as to the medical services you received the previous day.

Keep in mind that the important issues will not be decided or finalized on the same day; prepare to speak insurance agents for days to come. Flash forward, you have been going back and forth with both insurance companies for about two and a half months now and it seems as if they will soon make an offer. An amount that exceeds $5,000, yet less than $10,000 is offered, should you “make a deal?”

Consider the Following Points Before Accepting the 1st Offer:

  • Which party was at fault?
  • The extent of damage to your vehicle
  • The extent of your physical injuries
  • Hospital visits
  • Post-discharge care
  • Medication
  • Medical devices
  • Loss of wages
  • Costs associated with purchasing a replacement vehicle
  • Loss of consortium (relationship/emotional attachment) to spouse
  • Mental Health issues that were brought about due to the traumatic event
    • Pain and Suffering
      • Whether your own policy covers your medical (Become very familiar with your policy!)
  • Key Tip: Insurance agents have a tendency to negotiate at the lowest amount possible, merely to see how much you value your claim!

Please know that this list is not exhaustive, however it is a great starting point when dealing with insurance agents. It is more often than not that individuals are offered several thousands of dollars, and usually under duress, blindly agree to the first offer.

Insurance companies have hardworking attorneys on their side, shouldn’t you? You are the victim, you were injured, your car is totaled, and you deserve to be compensated. Don’t allow insurance companies to force you into settling your claim. Allow the competent attorneys at Angell Law Firm to represent your best interest. We have longstanding experience that includes negotiation with insurance agents, investigating cases, and taking cases to trial if a settlement cannot be reached. Call us today!