Construction Zones Are a Hot Spot for Accidents

Construction Zone Car Accidents

Improvement of our nation’s highways is great need. Additional expressways ease travel for motorists in the area. Repair of potholes or eroded road shoulders will prevent wear and tear on our vehicles. Therefore, construction zones are welcomed and necessary; however they are a “hot spot” for car accidents. Most municipalities rather modify the flow of traffic rather than closing roads altogether which leads to greater issues.

There are grave dangers present that threaten the safety of not only motorists, but those construction workers present on site. Those who normally travel that area are used to a certain speed, traffic patterns, and traffic signs. When these aspects of travel abruptly change, there is a high likelihood that an accident will occur because there is usually minimal notification to motorists.  It is vital that all individuals present, workers and motorists, adhere to all safety precautions and most importantly, PAY ATTENTION.

Factors that Contribute to These Accidents:

  • Debris is carelessly left strewn about;
  • Machines and equipment are left in an area they generally not present;
  • Misplacement/Presence of barricades;
  • Failure of motorists to adhere to the signs posted (speed or lane change);
  • Narrowing of the lanes.

4 Tips to Keep You Safe

  1. Travel at the rate of the posted speed!
  2. Keep in mind that speeding fines are usually doubled in work zone areas!
  3. Travel in the lane that is furthest from the workers!
  4. Stay Alert, Attentive, and Prepare for the Unexpected! 

Construction zones cause traffic to become delayed resulting in heavy congestion. These factors provide for a breeding ground for aggressive driving and rear-end collisions. Two important factors that must be present in order for traffic to remain safe are: the attentiveness of drivers and the existence of smooth running traffic. During any expansion of roadways, it provides for more motorists to utilize them. More people traveling on a particular street increase the likelihood for accidents to occur. According to the CDC or Center for Disease and Control Prevention, 1,095 fatalities were reported taking place in construction work zones.

However, there was a significant drop to 609 in 2012. A national report found that Texas, California, and Florida reported that they had the highest rate of fatalities in construction work zones, reporting at least 50 deaths in all three states that year. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, 66 percent of the fatalities that take place within work zones are motorist and not workers. Earlier this year, Georgia DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry led in the memorialization of 57 Georgia DOT employees whom have passed away as a result of being injured in a construction work zone.

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