Uber’s Self Driving Cars May Give Public A Taste of New Technology

Ridesharing companies such as Uber and LYFT have changed many people’s ideas about driving or renting a car, while providing stiff competition for taxi drivers and cab companies throughout the country.  Through a simple request via the internet, Uber and companies like it offer fast and affordable service when you need it, without having to have cash on hand. Recently, Uber unveiled the news that it would begin featuring driverless cars in some markets, a technology that has been in the works, yet not likely to impact regular consumers at any time in the near future. The company’s announcement raises ongoing concerns about car accidents or injuries and how they are handled by ridesharing companies. Whether you rely on ridesharing on a regular basis or just on certain occasions, you will want to be aware of these concerns, as well as when Ubers new self-driving cars may hit the Florida area.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Uber’s Self Driving Car

According to an August 2016 report in Scientific American, Uber chose to introduce its driverless car in Pittsburgh, PA, where the company’s technology center is located. One of several companies, including Tesla and Google, to put its resources to work in developing self-driving technologies, the unveiling will serve as a pilot program, allowing the company’s drivers to monitor the system while engineers collect data and take notes. Using a modified Volvo SUV, the self-driving vehicle is equipped with a passenger side steering and brake system, allowing a human driver to take over if needed, and plans are in place to modify several Ford Fusions to accommodate passengers during the project as well. According to the report, Uber is not the only ride sharing company looking to eliminate the need for drivers. General Motors recently invested a half million dollars in Lyft, Uber’s competitor, to begin testing self-driving technology on the Chevrolet Bolt.

Unfortunately, while Uber and Lyft hold promise for allowing people in the general public to get a taste of what being a passenger in a self-driving car is actually like and could even promote ‘self-driving tourism’ by those interested in the technology, there are currently no plans to introduce the vehicles in Atlanta or other areas.

Ridesharing Car Accidents

Concerns over the safety of Uber’s self-driving cars have called attention to another issue that has plagued the ridesharing industry. When car accidents and injuries occur when you are a Uber driver or passenger, who pays for their damage? According to an Uber news release addressing accident concerns, Uber states it has a one-million-dollar policy in effect, providing coverage for anyone who is injured in an Uber accident or as a pedestrian by a Uber driver. At the same time, it does require all of its drivers to carry car insurance in accordance with state laws in their particular area, noting that drivers are considered independent agents, as opposed to employees of the company.  In addition to concerns over accidents and the personal safety of customers with the drivers, the Insurance Claims Journal states there are also concerns about injury claims due to car accidents with Uber being denied or downplayed.

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