Common Reasons for Personal Injury Claim Denial

Denied-Stamp-Resized-300x300The time immediately following a personal injury is often stressful and extremely hectic.  Securing new transportation, coping with lost wages, and recovering from an injury make it difficult to focus on properly filing a personal injury claim with an insurance company.  Once a claim is filed most people assume that the insurer will quickly approve their request, but it is not unusual for an insurance company to deny injury claims.  Being aware of common reasons for personal injury claim denial may aid you if you find yourself in the difficult situation of fighting a potentially unjust coverage denial.

Lack of Coverage

Not having a valid insurance policy is one of the most common reasons for a claim to be denied.  In some instances, the policyholder failed to renew the policy, or they changed the policy excluding certain types of injuries.  It is also possible that the insurance company suspended the policy for another violation such as allowing an unlicensed or uninsured person operate your vehicle.  Policyholders who have recently moved or only receive email updates may be unaware of their lack of coverage until after a claim is filed.

Delay in Treatment

Getting treatment immediately after an injury is one of the most important things to do after any type of accident.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a person to delay treatment because of financial concerns or the incorrect belief that they are not hurt.  Even those who do receive initially emergency treatment may fail to attend follow-up appointments or receive additional treatment.  After reviewing medical records and seeing that the individual making the claim did not seek proper treatment an insurance company may deny the claim on that basis.

Errors in the Claim

Extremely simple mistakes in the claim process can lead to a complete denial of your accident claim.  Mistakes regarding the accident location, driver, or other important details may provide a basis for denial.  A complete, error free, claim must be provided along with any requested supporting documentation such as accident reports, copies of personal identification, medical records, or other information relevant to your claim.  Failing to provide requested information in a timely fashion unnecessarily prolongs the entire process creating more stress for all involved.

When to Seek Help

Receiving a claim denial can be devastating, especially if you are depending on the compensation to replace a vehicle, lost wages, or other necessities.  Once your initial claim is denied it is often in your best interest to seek help from an experienced personal injury attorney who is familiar with handling insurance claims.  An attorney is able to review the details surrounding your injury, review your initial claim correcting any errors, and take over the stressful process allowing you and your family time to recover from the accident.

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