Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

jesse-orrico-62699-copy-199x300Whether you work in an office job, a manufacturing plant, or a coal mine, each worker faces the prospect of being injured on the job. Georgia workers’ compensation laws exist to ensure that those who are injured on the job are compensated for their injuries, no matter how severe. Both workers and employers have duties and responsibilities to fulfill to ensure that the workers’ compensation system operates smoothly. If you have been injured while at work, contact an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

Under Georgia law, nearly all employers are required to hold a current workers’ compensation policy. These policies are much like any other insurance policy where the company pays a premium every month on the number of employees it has and the risk of the particular line of work in which the company is involved. The company also has the responsibility to facilitate a workers’  compensation claim following a work accident and to not discriminate against injured employees in any way.

Workers’  Rights

There are many rights that protect workers in the workers’ compensation scheme in Georgia. Some of those rights include a right to:

  • Medical, rehabilitation, and income benefits;
  • A posted list of approved workers’  compensation medical care providers;
  • Vocational training and help getting new work after catastrophic injuries;

These are just a few of the rights that injured workers have. To understand all the your rights following an injury, it is best to speak with a qualified Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer.

These rights are important to ensure that those of us who go to work everyday are protected in the event we are injured on the job. In the distant past, it was possible to sue an employer when a worker was injured on the job, but that involved proving negligence, fault, and injury and could end up costing the worker more than a suit was worth. Today the process is streamlined thanks to workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’  Responsibilities

With the rights enjoyed by workers come certain responsibilities under Georgia law. These responsibilities are important to understand because they can alter whether a claim is actually paid or not. A few of the responsibilities as listed by the Georgia state government include:

  • Reporting the accident immediately after it happens to the employer, supervisor, or other representative of the employer;
  • Not engage in willful misconduct that causes the injury;
  • Accept reasonable medical care or rehabilitation services when ordered by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

These are just a few of the responsibilities that workers have following a workplace injury. For more information, it is important to talk with a workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta.

If you are injured on the job, no matter what kind of work you do, it is important that you protect your rights and receive the benefits to which you are entitled. The process can be complicated, and sometimes employers may try to get out of paying a claim, and that is when it is important to contact a workers’ compensation attorney serving Atlanta. At The Angell Law Firm we can help you at all stages of the workers’ compensation claim. Contact us today.

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