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hermes-rivera-265372-copy-300x200According to reports, the state of New York will settle with a little-known boxer for over $20 million dollars after those involved botched his medical care following a boxing match. The case began in 2013 when two heavyweights went toe-to-toe in a marquee matchup in Madison Square Garden. The problems for the victim began when his opponent smashed his face with a forearm, and it went downhill from there.

The whole fight lasted for 10 rounds, when it was called. The victim was suffering from a broken jaw and severe swelling to his whole head. The problem was that the doctors on site (it is alleged) did not treat him adequately, and even left him to fend for himself to get a taxi to go to the hospital in spite of the fact there was an ambulance just outside the venue.

What resulted was a severe head injury that left the man without many of his normal functions. According to the reports, the victim cannot now put a sentence of words together, and is suffering from brain damage. The settlement he reached with the state of New York will go a long way to ensuring that he gets the proper care going forward.

The Atlanta suburb Roswell is facing a lawsuit from a former police officer there who was in a motorcycle accident. The case brings to the fore questions about victims’ rights, federal and state law protecting those injured or disabled after an accident, and what remedies a person has to uphold his or her rights. It is also an example of how important it is to hire the right Atlanta personal injury lawyer following an accident.  

This case began in February of 2014 when the veteran police officer was doing a side job, escorting a funeral procession. On the road, during the procession, he was rear-ended by a woman driving a car, and left on the road, severely injured. As it turned out, he suffered an open-pelvic fracture, paralyzed right hand, and spent some time in a coma. All of these injuries led to a substantial period of recovery for the man.

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felix-russell-saw-234901-copy-300x200An oft-stated realism of the law is that most cases settle before trial. This is true of both criminal and civil cases. In the vast majority of litigations and prosecutions, both sides would rather settle their dispute on mutually agreeable terms than throw the case in front of a jury to have them decide the parties’ fates. This is not to say that some cases should absolutely go to trial, but the fact is that most do not.

This is also true when it comes to accident and injury cases. In most situations, there will be a victim, a negligent party, and a company who represents the negligent party and is part of the case as a result. The object of filing suit and bringing a claim against the negligent actor and insurance company is to ensure that the injured victim is justly, and appropriately compensated for the injuries they suffered. Because most of these case will end up in settlements, the details and laws revolving around settlement are important to know. If you have questions about your personal injury case, contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer today.

Details Matter in Settlements for Georgia Cases

A bill was introduced this week in the Georgia House of Representatives that would make it illegal to stay in the left lane that is designated as the fast lane.  A driver can be ticketed for hindering the flow of traffic, and would only apply if another driver was trying to pass.  The bill specifically limits the use of the left lane for overtaking and passing another vehicle, obstructions in the right lane, and necessity arising from weather conditions.  House Bill 459 was introduced by Representative Bill Hitchens who formerly led the Department of Public Safety.

Speeding over the posted limit is often talked about, because the dangers of speeding are well known.  Driving too slowly, however, can be equally dangerous when driving too slow on a major thoroughfare like an interstate highway.  The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety warns of the dangers of driving on roads that are used by farmers hauling or driving large farm equipment that move at a speed of 15-25 miles per hour.  Catastrophic and fatal injuries can result when a typical consumer car traveling at a high rate of speed crashes into a large, slow-moving piece of farm equipment.

tractorThe state law, Georgia Code O.C.G.A. § 40-8-4, requires slow moving farm equipment, construction equipment, and trailers to display a uniform emblem (an orange triangle with reflectors around the edge) that helps other motorists identify a slow-moving vehicle ahead.  Failure to use the emblem can result in a misdemeanor offense.  The Office of Highway Safety encourages drivers to use patience and yield to the larger vehicles.  Passing must be done with care, and the rules of the road must still be followed when passing. Continue reading

I am the attorney for the two young women who were seriously injured by this horrific car crash.  Please contact my office if you have any information relating to this accident at (770) 217-4954.

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Since January 1, 2010, HB160 has been the law of the land, and especially the highways, in Georgia. This law is known as the Super Speeder law, and anyone who violates it is designated a Super Speeder, and is subject to a $200 fine. If you ask an Atlanta speeding accident lawyer, he or she will probably tell you that the Georgia Super Speeder Law is a good thing. Attorneys know that Georgia averages one death in which speeding was a factor every day. They will also tell you that the trauma care costs due to speeders are tremendous. Vehicle crashes account for 69 percent of the people admitted to trauma care hospitals. Fees collected from Super Speeders will help fund these hospitals. Hopefully, Super Speeder fees will also save lives by getting people to slow down.

The Consequences of Super Speeding

You should consult with a state official or an Atlanta speeding accident attorney if you need specific information, but in general the Super Speeder law applies to anyone caught speeding at over 75 miles per hour on any two-lane road, or 85 miles per hour anywhere. The Super Speeder fee is $200. This fee is paid to the Department of Driver Services (DDS). This is a state fee, and is in addition to any fines or other penalties imposed by the municipality in which the speeding occurred. This fee does not add points to your driver’s license.

Its that time of the year again when more and more people are riding bicycles for health reasons and also due to ecological and economical reasons. Regardless of the reasons bicycles must share the road with cars and trucks.

There are 2 views about bicyclist usage of the roadway.  There are those who understand that the bicyclist has the right to be on the roadway, and there are others who resent the bicyclist and think they are in the way and slowing them down.  There are also different opinions between those using a bicycle for necessary transportation and those using the bicycle with a group of people for exercise.

Unfortunately, when a bicyclist is hit by a car, there are usually significant injuries involved, if not fatalities.  There was an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution back in Oct. 2010 about a crash involving an SUV and a group of cyclists near Augusta.  This crash led to the opinions of people who use the road for exercise and others who use their bikes as a means of transportation.  Some people liken those who ride their bicycles for exercise to a “motorcycle gang.”

As an accident attorney here in Atlanta who deals with medical liens on a regular basis, there are some important points you need to know if you have outstanding medical liens.  First, if you have been injured in auto accident and do not have health insurance  there are health care providers that will treat you on what is called a medical lien.  This means the medical provider will have a lien against your settlement and will be legally entitled to proceeds from your settlement.  This is obviously a fair arrangement as the health care provider treated you without upfront payment for their services.atlanta accident attorney medical bills

In such cases your personal injury attorney will pay your health care providers after your case has been settled.  Upon receipt of the settlement check from the responsible insurance company, your attorney will hold the funds in trust account.  At this stage of the settlement process your attorney can attempt to negotiate your medical bills for less than the original billed amount.  Not all health care providers will negotiate their bills but an experienced accident attorney will know how to proceed and which health care providers will play ball.

Often negotiating a medical bill can take weeks or even months to finalize.  Some attorneys as a favor to their clients will go ahead and issue a settlement check to the client even before all medial billing negotiations have been finalized.  This can be helpful to those injured victims where money is tight and bills need to be paid.

An Kennesaw man driving in Marietta, GA  ignored a red light and killed a woman at an intersection in Cobb County. He has been charged with homicide by vehicle among other things and was driving a sports car.

Alberto Jose Abreus of Kennesaw, Georgia was driving a 1996 Infiniti G20 at the intersection of Barrett Parkway and Roberts Boulevard in Kennesaw on Wednesday when he slammed his car into the driver’s side door of a 2006 Toyota Solara, according to police.

Police on the scene said Chassity Hollaman from Marietta was only 20 years of age.  She had the green light but died two days later at WellStar Kennestone Hospital as a result of Alberto’s failure to abide by the law.

College Park (WAOK) Saying it’s acting in the interest of public safety, College Park officials will enact a  “dangerous dog” registry next month that some critics say is very close to canine profiling.

Residents owning dogs that have, without provocation, bitten someone during the last 12 years, will be required to register their pet with the city clerk’s office.  Pit bull, Doberman, Rottweiler and German shepherd owners, will also have to register their dogs whether they have ever attacked someone or not.

Registration will cost a $25 annual fee. Those who fail to register their dogs will face fines and confiscation of their pets.