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denys-nevozhai-100695-copy-300x225High-speed chases on the freeway are the kind of dramatic event that seem to be made for the movie screen. One such chase was all too real for a victim who was injured in a crash in Georgia in 2013. What resulted from the chase was a seriously injured victim and a lawsuit against the sheriff’s deputies who conducted the investigation. When you are involved in a case like this, it is important to contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer for help.

This case, Wingler v. White, began in February of 2013 when a deputy sheriff observed a car straddling the centerline of highway road. He was on patrol that day looking for drug traffickers, and because the license plate was from out of state, he decided to pull the driver over. When the officer put on his blue lights, the driver did not stop. That is when the pursuit began.

High-Speed Chase and a Crash