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jesse-orrico-62699-copy-199x300Whether you work in an office job, a manufacturing plant, or a coal mine, each worker faces the prospect of being injured on the job. Georgia workers’ compensation laws exist to ensure that those who are injured on the job are compensated for their injuries, no matter how severe. Both workers and employers have duties and responsibilities to fulfill to ensure that the workers’ compensation system operates smoothly. If you have been injured while at work, contact an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

Under Georgia law, nearly all employers are required to hold a current workers’ compensation policy. These policies are much like any other insurance policy where the company pays a premium every month on the number of employees it has and the risk of the particular line of work in which the company is involved. The company also has the responsibility to facilitate a workers’  compensation claim following a work accident and to not discriminate against injured employees in any way.

Workers’  Rights

daan-stevens-282446-1-copy-300x191Under Georgia law, claims made for worker’s compensation benefits should be rather straightforward. The idea is that when an employee of a company is injured while at work, in the course of working, insurance benefits are available to the injured worker. These benefits should cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other related claims. Unfortunately, making a claim is not always so straightforward. If you have questions about an injury you incurred while at work, consult an Atlanta worker’s compensation lawyer today.

Anytime a person begins working for a company, he or she brings an entire past history to the new job. This past includes past injuries, physical incapacities, and other issues that come with a worker, and which can become more complicated when an on-the-job injury occurs. In most cases, it should be a simple matter of compensation after a work related injury, but that is not always the case.

Prior Work Related Injuries

If you have been seriously injured in an accident in Athens, you should speak to an Athens personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Bryce Angell of the Angell Law Firm handles catastrophic accidents in Athens and all over Georgia. If you have questions about the process, what to do next, or what typically happens in accident claims like yours, please do not hesitate to call him now at 770-217-4954.

Types of Serious Injury

  • Auto Accident